Desiree Jaks – young chef with an impressive track record


At the age of just 27, chef Desirée Jaks has already built up a very impressive list of achievements to add to her CV. Desirée Jaks was born in Poland and is therefore of Polish origin. She grew up in the Polish city of Gdansk and has her grandmother as her biggest role model. According to ratsit, Desirée Jaks lives alone in an apartment in Östermalm, Stockholm.

Quick facts about Desirée Jaks

Who?Desirée Jaks, a young chef with an impressive track record
Where?Desirée Jaks lives in Stockholm in Östermalm
Age?Desirée Jaks was born in 1995
Why?She is one of the new young female chefs who are making a name for themselves

Desirée Jaks, a winner from the start

Desirée Jaks has already won Olympic gold with the Stockholm Culinary Team and gold with the junior national team in the Nordic Young Chef Challenge. In addition, she has been named Young Chef of the Year by 360 Eat Guide. Now in 2022, she also became Stella Chef of the Year.

She has worked as a chef at the renowned Agrikultur, and has previous work experience from restaurant Sjön in Jönköping and Griffins Steakhouse and Ekstedt in Stockholm. She has also had the opportunity to work in London at Dinner by Heston, gaining important international experience.

At the end of 2020, she became head chef at the newly opened rooftop restaurant Spesso in Stockholm. Despite opening in corona time, the restaurant managed to fill with people. Desirée likes the idea of Spesso. Spesso means “often” in Italian, and the idea is for guests to come back often, without getting tired of the food, snacks or drinks.

Continued success for Desirée Jaks

Desirée Jaks has competed with various partners. In the junior national team, she has been joined by another young and successful girl, Annie Lundin. Annie is trained as both a chef and a pastry chef, and is also expected to have a bright future.

Desirée Jaks’ successes have by no means come to an end. At the end of November 2022, it was announced that Desiree Jaks will compete as Sweden’s representative in the prestigious Tattinger champagne house’s major chef competition. This cooking competition has been running since 1967.

Over the years, the Tattinger Cooking Competition has been won by many big names in the world of cooking. In December 2023, Desirée will have the opportunity to test her knowledge and skills against the very best in London in the final.

The future of Desirée Jaks

Desirée Jaks has already proven herself to be a competitor. Desirée Jaks took part in the 2021 Battle of the Chefs, so she has both the experience and the warmth of the competition moments.

Regardless of how Desirée places in future competitions, she has already made a big name for herself as a chef. Desirée Jaks does not yet have a page on wiki, as wikipedia is sometimes called, but if her success continues, it is only a matter of time.

In recent years, Sweden has emerged as a dominant power in food, and we have distinguished ourselves internationally by winning the World Cup. However, it has mainly been about men. Several restaurants have also been awarded stars in the Michelin guide, but again with men behind them.

Desirée and her peers represent a new generation of young female chefs who are hungry to win, ambitious and recognised for their skills. We look forward to following Desirée Jak’s continued development as a star chef.

Desirée Jak’s greatest achievements:

  • Olympic Gold
  • World Championship gold with the junior national team
  • Appointed to participate in Tattinger
  • Stella Chef of the Year 2022