Cissi and Selma – clothes that make you happy


It’s no secret that people are influenced by colour and shape, and putting on a bright and cheerful piece from Cissi and Selma can lift your spirits, something that is perhaps especially needed during the dark season. So cheer yourself – and others – up with some colour and exciting patterns!

Four things about Cissi and Selma that make you happy:

ColorsStrong, bright shades that show and inspire.
PatternsFun, clear shapes that are sure to attract attention and become topics of conversation.
QualitySoft, comfortable, non-iron cotton fabrics with stretch.
ModelsWorks for both party and everyday wear and is available in all sizes regardless of body type.

Cissi and Selma give you a personal style

Most of what hangs on the hangers of the big retail chains is mainstream. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for a personal style and want to stand out from the crowd, a Selma and Cissi dress is something that can boost your self-esteem. The colours and patterns are Cissi and Selma’s own unique designs and you are sure to attract attention and smiles if you wear one of Cissi and Selma’s colourful and original garments.

Cissi and Selma – for conscious consumers

The fabrics in Cissi and Selma’s clothes are always made from organic cotton and they are manufactured in carefully controlled factories in Europe where the staff have good working conditions. Fashion should be sustainable for both the person who wears it and the people who make it, that’s the policy at Cissi and Selma and something that many conscious consumers agree with.And if you want to think extra hard about the environment, there’s a Facebook group where you can both buy and sell second-hand garments from Cissi and Selma. Good quality clothes can and should be worn for a long time!

Some popular dress styles suitable for both parties and work are:

  • Monica dress – a shirt dress with half-length sleeves
  • Asta dress – with short sleeve and front pockets
  • Hilda dress – with extra width and tie back
  • Doris dress – with boat neck and wide sleeves

Cissi and Selma – colour and pattern for the mood

The colours are strong and the patterns graphic and clear, many of them inspired by the 50s, 60s and 70s. Do you like music? There are garments with notes on them. Are you a gardening enthusiast? There are clothes with flowers of all the varieties. There are also garments with penguins, cats, foxes, whatever you like, there are garments that can show who you are and what your heart beats a little extra for.

The garments from Cissi and Selma ab are brave. The question is, do you have to be brave to wear them or do you get brave wearing them? I believe in the latter. What we surround ourselves with affects our subconscious. Colour and shape can make us happier! But of course, if you prefer to dress in discreet, solid-coloured garments of the same comfortable quality, that’s also available in the shops.

Cissi and Selma – clothes that are easy to find

It’s easy to find the clothes that make you happy, there are shops selling Cissi and Selma clothes all over Sweden, from Umeå in the north to Malmö and Gothenburg in the south. Even in Australia and in many European countries! And of course there is a Cissi and Selma webshop, where you can find online all the news that comes regularly.

In Stockholm there is a big Cissi and Selma shop on Bondegatan, if you come there on a Thursday evening on the last day of every month you are offered snacks and live music until 9 o’clock. Take advantage of their sale, there’s bound to be a discounted item that will make you smile for more reasons than one.

So try some colour therapy with designs from Cissi and Selma. Maybe the garments can help give you that feel-good feeling that we all deserve!